We are a Finnish company called Digital eXperience Solutions and we help our customers to develop their business. Our company was founded in Tornio, Finland at 2016 and we serve our customers globally. We specialize in helping enterprises to benefit from the use of digital technologies thus improving their business efficiency and creating new business opportunities. Our fields of expertise include for example: 

  • Information and data management
  • Business Intelligence
  • IT environment
  • Digital products and service
  • Digital content
  • Customer experience management
  • Digital marketing

We have built a specialist network that enables us to serve our customers effectively and to develop businesses regardless of their size, industry or development targets. 

The customer and his/her needs and business objectives are the main focus of our activities. We are offering our professional opinion and service not tied to any specific hardware or software brands, thus achieving objectivity. 

We are entering the world where our customers and their customers operate. Therefore, we begin our collaboration with the current state analysis of our customer’s business and the operating environment. Then we collaboratively set the development goals and plan the roadmap for achieving them. Finally, we help our customers to control the implementation of the planned development activities.

In our work, we utilize the best practices and frameworks by adapting them to suit our customer’s unique operations.

Our team:

Dr. Vladimir Ryabov

PhD (Information Technology),
M.Sc. (Economics and business administration), 
M.Sc. (Software engineering)

Specialization: Digital strategy and business models, Business Intelligence, Data analytics, Digital products and services

Tuomo Lindholm

Master of Business Administration (International Business Management),
B.Sc. (Information processing)

Specialization: Business development, Digital transformation, Information management, Service management