Digital presence

Nowadays, enterprises compete for the time and attention of their customers. The usability and availability of the digital content have a major role in that competition.

Successful companies offer attractive, clear, and easy to find information about their products and services.

In addition, their products and services perform well on different devices. We assist in planning and developing the digital content for your enterprise.




How can we help?    

Usability testing
We do usability testing of websites, online services, products, mobile solutions or other digital tools used in your company. The usability report includes fully documented usability testing procedure, usability problems found, possible solutions and development ideas. Usability testing is implemented according to the practical needs of your enterprise and could involve real users and your employees.

Designing the digital content
We assist in designing the digital content, for example, for the enterprise website, e-commerce applications, different digital services and products. The design is based on appropriate information architecture and prioritized usability. The possible implementation could be agreed upon separately.

Aerial photography and filming (a drone is used) 
Pictures and videos of the target objects (e.g., real-estate, environment, area) or events. Pictures and videos could be directly published on the Internet.