Information and data management

The enhanced use of data and information is a natural part of modern business. Business processes, information systems, applications, and the IT infrastructure should be tightly integrated for the effective management of information and data. 

Realizing benefits in this field could be challenging for many enterprises, because they lack time or competencies to undertake the required activities.

With our specialized knowledge you can identify and realize the benefits of information and data management at your enterprise.






How can we help?    

Current state analysis of information and data management
A customizable report on the current state of the information and data management practices at your enterprise and development suggestions. This report could describe for example, where information and data are created, stored and consumed, and how they are being processed and shared both internally and externally.

Development plan for the information and data management
A plan on how to achieve your development goals for information and data management. This plan proposes changes in your business activities and information systems. Changes in your IT infrastructure could also be included in this plan.

Business Intelligence
We plan and develop Business Intelligence practices for your enterprise. This plan could include for example, suggestions for data sources, methods of data collection and analytics, key performance indicators, tools, reports and dashboards. 

Data analytics
We assist in planning and performing the analysis of data and information. This service could include the analysis of customer feedback and social media data.

Selection and deployment of appropriate solutions
We help your enterprise to select and deploy appropriate solutions for information and data management. We can also assist in adjusting business processes and provide required training to the management and end users. 

Outsourced information and data management
Continuous provisioning of information and data management service. This service is fully customizable, its scope and content is agreed upon with you.