Digital transformation

Digitalization opens new development opportunities to enterprises. The use of digital technologies is changing business models, markets, and the competitive environment.

Digitalization improves the productivity and efficiency of enterprises, helps to get and retain new customers, and allows the effective customer experience management. The planning and implementation of digital transformation requires good understanding of both business operations and digitalization.

We facilitate the digital transformation of your enterprise with our specialist knowledge in digitalization.





How can we help?    

Digital maturity assessment
A report on the digital readiness of your enterprise. This report presents for example, development opportunities, required resources, business processes, and competencies.

Digital capabilities assessment
A report on the abilities of your enterprises to utilize digital technologies, e.g., information systems, information creation and collaborative tools, and development ideas.

Digital strategy development
A digital strategy proposal for your enterprise, including development objectives and the roadmap. The report is also analyzing the decisions your enterprise should make, different alternatives and the corresponding outcomes.

Digital transformation plan
A specific plan for digital transformation according to the digital strategy of your enterprise. This plan includes the required activities, resources, competencies, measures, and the estimation of expenditures and the timetable.

Design of digital service and activities
Designing digital services and activities of your enterprise, e.g, digitalization of orders, reservations, deliveries, marketing and advertising.

Digital transformation management
Continuous management, supervision, and reporting of digital transformation projects at your enterprise.