Digital transformation

Digitalization opens new development opportunities to enterprises. The use of digital technologies is changing business models, markets, and the competitive environment. Digitalization improves the productivity and efficiency of enterprises, helps to get and retain new customers, and allows the effective customer experience management. The planning and implementation of digital transformation requires good understanding of both business operations and digitalization. We facilitate the digital transformation of your enterprise with our specialist knowledge in digitalization. Read more


Information and data management

The enhanced use of data and information is a natural part of modern business. Business processes, information systems, applications, and the IT infrastructure should be tightly integrated for the effective management of information and data. Realizing benefits in this field could be challenging for many enterprises, because they lack time or competencies to undertake the required activities. With our specialized knowledge you can identify and realize the benefits of information and data management at your enterprise. Read more


IT environment

A functional IT environment is the cornerstone of all enterprise operations. Dynamic and sound IT environment facilitates efficient work at any time and location. The systematic development of the IT environment is necessary to ensure that it corresponds to the business needs. Nowadays, it is common that small and medium-sized enterprises outsource IT environment development competencies. We support your IT environment development with our specialist knowledge. Read more


Digital presence

Nowadays, enterprises compete for the time and attention of their customers. The usability and availability of the digital content have a major role in that competition. Successful companies offer attractive, clear, and easy to find information about their products and services. In addition, their products and services perform well on different devices. We assist in planning and developing the digital content for your enterprise. Read more




Our fields of expertise include: 

  • Information and data management
  • Business Intelligence
  • IT environment
  • Digital products and service
  • Digital content
  • Customer experience management
  • Digital marketing




Dr. Vladimir Ryabov

PhD (Information Technology),
M.Sc. (Economics and business administration), 
M.Sc. (Software engineering)

Digital strategy and business models,
Business Intelligence, Data analytics, Digital products and services


Tuomo Lindholm

Master of Business Administration (International Business Management),
B.Sc. (Information processing)


Business development, Digital transformation, Information management, Service management